This introduces Twine - the analytics and value layer for the social economy.

a. What is Twine 🪢

Twine was created with the ambition to become the analytics and value layer for the social economy. Our project has two distinct offerings within our ecosystem: 1) The “TwineProtocol” allows a unique profile (using our proprietary personality algorithm) to be created for a decentralized social circle. This profile may then be minted into an NFT, which serves as a token mechanism for profiles to share into the value within a social “ecosystem”.

2) The team also created a decentralized social app (dApp) called “TwineApp”. This utilizes all the features and capabilities of the TwineProtocol. The TwineApp provides a preview of what other social dApps can fully utilize once integrated with the TwineProtocol. Our vision is to create a Twine social graph or “ecosystem” (with partner dApps utilizing our TwineProtocol) to amplify efforts of other Web 3.0 projects. We aim to provide more value to users of decentralized social apps through Twine’s proprietary personality analytics and token mechanism.

We will run through the possibilities unlocked by the TwineProtocol and TwineApp in the "Project Roadmap/Ecosystem" page.

b. Why was Twine created? 📝

Situation/ Problem

  • Firstly, social media fatigue has become abundant for the new generation wherein traditional users ($4.9B as per Forbes in 2023) are looking for alternatives. These same users are also becoming aware of the value of their data/social network.

  • Secondly, the previous point has driven the rise of decentralized social media apps (dApps- 15M users for the top 15 dApps as per CoinGecko). Unfortunately, these said dApps lack 2 key elements: connecting users with others in the network, and providing more value/opportunities for users (as per Forbes).

  • Lastly, AdTech can be better for users and businesses. Advertisers want to optimize their now “spray and pray” advertising investments and individuals/content creators want a bigger chunk of this ad spend.

Solution/ Answer 💡

  • Twine was created with the ambition to solve these problems by becoming the "analytics and value layer for the social economy". With our TwineProtocol's personality analytics, profiles can have a unique differentiator to allow project owners and brands to better understand them. To add, the embedded token mechanism (via NFT minting & staking) of the TwineProtocol will act as the medium for value sharing within the ecosystem.

  • Twine’s ultimate goal is to synergize efforts with other decentralized social layers and apps through our protocol's future integration points to allow them to use our personality analytics and token mechanism. This will allow their projects to better understand their users, and provide a value layer for users/profiles.

c. What can the Twine personality algorithm predict, and how? 🔮 An individual's personality can define their habits, compatibliity, inclinations and your biases. Our proprietary algorithm (embedded within our protocol's social graph) analyzes the scores within the unique personality profiles to predict which would be specifically be compatible or incompatible within a social circle for work, social adventures or even relationships.

Let's Twine! Explore a unique dApp that applies our vision here, which can help users build & own their social circle - https://connect.twineapp.mse/signup/DMkYN_7V1 Join us on Discord -

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